We offer customised Tours and Travel Packages to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, Israel and/or combination travel package tours to two or more of your preferred destinations. Choose from one of the pre-designed travel itineraries in the country sections below or create your own itinerary using one of our tailormade travel forms. Whether you prefer a Greek Island Hopping Vacation, Cultural & Historical Sightseeing travel package in Turkey, relaxing onboard a Nile Cruise in Egypt or exploring the highlights of Jordan, Morocco etc, we are here to help you plan and arrange it.

Turkey travel packages, treasure trove of history & nature

A country steeped in history and offering the visitor a wide range of possibilities, from cultural and historical sightseeing, sailing along amazing coastlines, to world famous cuisine. We offer to you various pre-designed or tailormade Turkey travel packages and Turkey Tours to suit your length of travel time and where you might prefer to visit. From Istanbul spreading over two continents, magnificent Ephesus with its theatres and marble streets, Cappadocia with its amazing landscape of chimneys and carved churches, Antalya and the Mediterranean region with clear blue seas and amazing mountain backdrops - the choice abounds.

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Country of islands, Greece travel packages

From dazzling seas to welcoming Greek Islands, almost nothing can beat the beauty of Greece. No wonder it has always been one of the most popular destinations for travellers. Besides beautiful islands, Greece also has a wealth of history to explore. Archaeological sites sprinkled throughout the mainland in Delphi and Olympia, to name but a few, and monasteries perched on towers of rock, the famous Meteora. We offer to you Greece Travel Packages and tours so that you can get a taste of Greek life, their history and culture.

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Discover the mysteries of Egypt

Egypt, a country most know for their antiquities, a land of Pharoahs and their gods. It offers the visitor so much with possibilities to cruise down the Nile while exploring ancient temples in Luxor, Karnak and Edfu, adventure tours in the deserts and oases, relaxing or diving in the Red Sea areas of Hurghda and Sharm El-Sheikh. For some ideas of what to do and see during your time in Egypt we have put together pre-designed Egypt travel packages and tours or you can use the tailormade section where we assist you in putting together your preferred itinerary suitable for the amount of time you have to travel.

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Combination, when one country is just not enough

Our Combination Tours and Travel Packages cover some of the major highlights in Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Jordan. They offer those wishing to travel to more than one country the opportunity to do so. What better way to spend your time than relaxing on the beautiful Greek Islands combined with a Nile Cruise visiting the ancient sites of the Pharoahs and/or explore the cultural and historical highlights of Turkey or Jordan. Start your expedition today! We are also able to tailormake your preferred travel itinerary to cover two or more countries of your choice during the number of days you would have available.

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Jordan travel packages, a land of beauty and contrasts

The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan is a land of beauty and contrast, most famous for the Red-Rose city of Petra, carved from rock over thousand year ago. Besides tours of Petra, Jordan also offers splendid desert castles, haunting wilderness, the restful waters of the Dead Sea and the playful ones of the Red Sea in Aqaba. We offer to you pre-designed or tailormade Jordan Travel Packages and tours during which you can discover Amman along with other archaeological sites such as Jerash and many more, be amazed by Petra, enjoy a safari in the deset of Wadi Rum, or snorkel in the Red Sea.

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